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“100-Bata-100” Campaign

A No-Cost Mass Awareness & Mobilization Campaign.

Background :

In Madhya Pradesh since last Survekshan the ULBs have increased their efforts and had been constantly pushing hard among their citizens ensuring maximum participation in the ULB lead sanitation activities & practices. During the period several thematic drives and special campaigns were introduced & implemented at the community level. The State’s approach towards developing the IEC materials and strategy was to mobilize the community in their efforts, bringing in a positive shift in communities behaviour and building positive mindsets towards the municipal / sanitation services.

In recent on-going Swachhata Survekshan, the Feedback from the citizens over sanitation services is provided with the good amount of weight in overall scoring. Thus keeping this in mind the State has issued several directives in a form of a Guidelines to the ULBs ensuring the same.

Introduction :

With an aim of making our citizens more informed over the Citizen Feedback questions & other related questions, the State has tried to use the modern-day Social Media as a platform for the purpose. An interactive ICT based tool “100-Bata-100” (100-बटा-100) in a form of a quiz/game was developed & was circulated over the WhatsApp for wider circulation and reach. The State has also issued a directive to all the ULBs to circulate/ spread this innovative tool among their citizen groups over their social media platforms like; WhatsApp & Facebook.

Objective :

  •  To educate urban society on sanitation practices.
  •  Improve citizen’s awareness on sustainable sanitation.
  •  Bring citizens forward for participating sanitation practices in urban areas.
  •  Spread the idea of togetherness for a better life through sanitation.
  •  To measure the impact of other on-going IEC-BCC Activities.

What is 100-Bata-100” (100बटा100) Campaign:

  • This is an online social media campaign.
  • A set of 10 questions and their answers for citizens on ideal sanitation practices in urban areas.
  • This a Google based link was developed with questions, information, answers, feedback, marking and results with follow-up.
  • This is a tool to get instant results on their knowledge.
  • Set of questions are also able to provide insight about ideal information about sanitation.
  • This is a No-cost online communication activity with no boundaries.
  • Online tool social media tool without manpower engagement, agency, infrastructure, stakeholders involvement.
  • Huge data received with no cost for follow-up of sanitation efforts in the state.

Why 100-Bata-100” (100बटा100) Campaign:

  • Engagement of youth, students, women etc is more important to address urban sanitation issues. 
  • During SS-2019 preparation and ULBs have no dedicated time for field level implementation. 
  • 100/100 means thorough understanding on urban sanitation issues.

Campaign Duration:

  • 01st December 2018  to  31st December 2018

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