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‘Green Event’ is not a mere dream, Earthling makes it a reality.

From fairs and conferences to concerts and weddings, every event leaves behind a substantial trail of waste on the venue.

While waste disposal should be an entailed responsibility of organisers upon the event’s culmination, it has been observed more often than not that the trash is left behind strewn all around the place.
Because the materials used during such events have to be cheap and easily disposable, the go-to option for organizers typically includes plastic and Styrofoam, which are ironically some of the major contributors to the country’s ever-growing garbage mounds.

Segregation at source. Courtesy: Earthling First.

“The entire situation was so ironical. The occasion was raising awareness on the environment. Yet at its culmination, the entire venue was completely trashed. And this being an event organised by the environment department. It all began with that one incident,” says Tamanna to The Better India.

A little over a year old, Earthling First has been part of Maruti Suzuki Devils Circuit and Border Security Force (BSF) events and has been able to successfully divert 75-90 per cent of the waste generated by the clients for recycling.

Cleaning up at one of the events. Courtesy: Earthling First.

“The concern doesn’t just rest upon diverting waste. From careful waste assessment during the planning stage to bringing on board catering partners who offer biodegradable alternatives, we focus on overall sustainability. Even the housekeeping staff is carefully selected and trained for the event,” she explains.

As of future plans, Tamanna shares that many partnerships stretching across the country are in the pipeline.

Source: https://bit.ly/2TeGlMP

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