Life is a journey from being a koodawallah to safaiwallah, says Manish Pathak | Garv Hai - Stories of Change | Swachh Survekshan 2019

Life is a journey from being a koodawallah to safaiwallah, says Manish Pathak

“Waste is not waste. We think of waste as a rejected product which can be reused,” Manish said.

3RMPL is known for deploying smart indigenous technology, innovated at the closest location of waste generation, from gardens, temples, parks to residential societies and individual houses, they convert the garbage into useful by-products and then take care of the supply-chain of the by-products.

Giving an example of the work they do, Manish told that everyday 400-500 kg discarded flowers are thrown into Yamuna river. 3RMPL took the initiative to recycle those flowers, Manish said. “We used to take those flowers and produce perfume out of it,” Manish said.

He also told the audience how they installed an electricity plant at India Gate to generate electricity out of garbage leaves and grass.

The Safaigiri Award for Garbage Guru has been awarded to Manish and Manoj Pathak of 3RMPL. 3RMPL has won the award for its urban waste management model which focuses on providing decentralised solutions with an equal emphasis on technical and operational aspects.

Speaking to India Today’s Sahil Joshi, Manish said that everyone is born koodawallahs(garbage collector) and life is a journey towards being safaiwallahs.


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