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Roseland Residency goes Zero Waste.

Roseland Residency, an award-winning society is a home for around 1000 families with around 3500+ residents and a mini India. They started on a Zero Waste journey 3 years back in 2016 when implementing of 3 way or 2 bin 1 bag segregation at source (organic, recyclable and reject).

Together with resident support, the society has achieved a good percentage of segregation at source (90%), also started the collection of low-value plastic for recycling, e-waste for recycling. In 2017, won the National Swachh Bharat Award for their best practices in SWM and for 3-way segregation from MOUHA, SBM.

 They composted around 12 tons of organic waste per month in our in house composting plant through the scientific and natural process. We get a yield of around 300 Kgs of compost per month, also recycle around 1400 kgs of low-value plastic per year and around 500 kg of E-waste per year. Composting all our garden waste which is around 800 kgs/month. Recycling all our urban discarded clothes, books, toys, and other items through GOONJ NGO for rural work.

A tanker free society since last 10 years with massive rainwater harvesting, which has won sparrow conservation, energy conservation, and multiple awards. This society works its best to reduce waste at the individual and community level. All our events our zero waste.

Roseland society is a Zero Waste society sending minimal waste to landfills. As ranking top in PCMC and won municipal corporation tax rebate incentive.

This Society is an example for Zero Waste Residency.


Residents are motivated not to use plastic bags and society has introduced environment-friendly bags.
Society has periodic plans of water cleaning of overhead and underground tanks.
Gardens are cleaned regularly and wastes are collected in dustbins.

Society has laid rules on spitting, chewing tobaccos, smoking etc. Anyone violating this has the penalty.
Society has provided washrooms for Security, housekeeping staff, and maids.
The society maintains building cleaning register, housekeeping staff has been asked to take signature from each building on cleanliness.

Every day during morning walk committee members identify areas and give instructions to the housekeeping person for cleanliness.


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