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Satrangi Life

Community Urban Sanitation Awareness Campaign Madhya Pradesh

Objective :

To build create a buzz around the safer Sanitation practices & to ensure the maximum citizen engagement in ensuring sustainability of transformed behaviour.

Background :

In Madhya Pradesh, an innovative effort has been made in making IEC & other behaviour change communication interventions more meaningful. The idea behind the concept was to develop a theme based campaign for the Swachh Sarvekshan 2019 and something with which the citizens may relate to. Thus an idea of Satrangi Life Campaign has evolved inspiring from the seven beautiful colours of a Rainbow. As since the colours have significance to human behaviour, thus it is tried to develop activities under the campaign addressing to those particular priority behaviours representing the seven colours; viz. Violet = Temperance, Indigo = Nobility, Blue = Dreams, Green = Neutrality, Yellow = Wisdom, Orange = Harmony, and Red = Courage. Thus a perfect blend of these seven colours in ones’ life makes life a “Satrangi Life.”

Why seven colours:

  • The seven colours of rainbow denote the completeness of human life.
  • The seven colours of rainbow also represent human behaviour.
  • Just as the rainbow does not have any physical form, but it is only a divine blend of water, air and light. This is exactly what the role of human behaviour is in our lives.
  • If we adopt these seven colours, i.e. seven elements of human behaviours in our lives, our life can become an imitation of rainbow.

Seven Colours and Sanitation 

  • Cleanliness is not just the name of cleanliness, but it is also a matter of human pride.
  • It is a poodle feeling which makes our life Spontaneous, Simple and complete.
  • This represents makes profundity of citizens & society behaviour. 
  • It is helpful in developing strategies for the evaluation of behavioural barriers in positive hygiene practices and the behavioural factors contributing colours constructive behaviours.

07 Points Sanitation Charter for ULBs and Citizens

Major Activities under the campaign

  • Colour coding of sanitation priorities.
  • Stickers will be posted at doors in ULBs.
  • Hoardings for Public display.
  • An organisation of community meetings.
  • Promotion through social media.
  • Implementation of sanitation charter in the ULBs.
  • Conduction of sanitation dialogue with students in the ULBs.
  • Messaging through FM and radio stations.

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