Wheel Chair Wali DIDI To "SWACHHATA DIDI" | Garv Hai - Stories of Change | Swachh Survekshan 2019


At her age of 2, Bina Sahu got affected of polio leaving her handicapped. At her early age of 13, she lost her mother leaving her with the responsibility of 4 sisters as she being eldest. Her fathers a driver who struggled to meet the basic needs of the family.

She tried finding a good earning job but being handicapped was not given opportunities. Fighting her adversity Bina decided not to give up and joined SHG (Self-help Group) in her area. With proper training by SHG’s, she got the job in SLRM (Solid-Liquid Resource Management) centre of Swachh Bharat Mission.

Bina Sahu’s courage showed up as today she earns an income of more than 5,000 by segregating waste in SLRM centre. Job in SLRM centre of waste collection and segregation which is not considered reputed and dignified is finding new reputation with Bina’s Story. People in her area are wondered as a handicapped is able to support studies and livelihood of her sisters by working as Swacchta Champion in SLRM Centre.

She found a new beginning for her life with dedication. She has put in her job of Solid Waste Management. Today she is asked to give training of waste Segregation to new joiners as well to take camps in her township inspiring people to contribute in Household Segregation and timely payment of user charges. 

Swachh Bharat Mission Changed her Story and Today She is Swachhata Role Model for many in her Township with a message “Disability is Just a State of Mind” as she is been popularly know not as “Wheel Chair wali DiDi” but as “Swachhata DiDi”

She is truly an inspiration for others to follow.

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