26-Year-Old creatively Upcycles E-waste. | Garv Hai - Stories of Change | Swachh Survekshan 2019

This 26-year-old Upcycles E-waste through her creativity.

Amishi Shah who started a social enterprise Upcycle Co in Mumbai seven years ago is doing her bit by using her creativity to Upcycle waste in to creative artifacts, she’s a proud ‘waste warrior’. The aim of the venture is to solve the problem of disposing of non-recyclable e-waste. The amount of e-waste we produce is increasing rapidly with gadgets and technology invading every aspect of our lives. With more than 1.8 million tonnes a year, India is now the fifth largest e-waste producing country in the world.

To contribute to this alarming issue, the startup (Upcycle Co) started out by upcycling vinyl records, VCR tapes and CDs that are now not useful with the fast pacing world in to beautiful and creative pieces. Upcycling is kind of a recycling process, the only difference is that it is doesn’t require any technical support. It is commonly termed as creative reuse of old products. In Upcycling, waste materials which are obsolete or unwanted are transformed into new materials or products of better quality with an environmental value.

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