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What all can we learn about Recycling from Indian moms?

Believe it or not we all have cribbed about our moms at least once in a lifetime. We feel like they’re strict and they interfere a lot in our lives. One thing which we can learn from our Indian moms is how to recycle efficiently.

From recycling newspapers to judiciously using old clothes she’s winning at saving environment. Filling all spices and lentils in every possible plastic containers. Using bournvita containers to contain ‘daal’ and ‘namak’ or hair oil can for edible oil. Our moms know how to recycle and Upcycle which is a small but important step towards a Zero-waste life.

My favorite memory of recycling at home would be when my mom wouldn’t let go of any of the old cloth no matter how torn it was, she’d use it as a duster or just give it to the ‘bartanwali’, thanks to the still-alive traditional barter system.

I remember when I was in college, she once sewed a pretty jhola from my old torn jeans. Now when I look back and recall all those memories, I understand that no contribution is small. One needs to start from somewhere and our moms have been acing at it since as long as I can remember. It is not wrong if I say all Indian moms are Swachh Warriors and know how to ace the Waste-management.

It is our time to draw inspiration from Indian moms and start contributing for a cleaner and healthier environment.

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